Members of a team 

Wolf Larsen

I write content, design stuff, and keep the technology humming. I’m also a member of TGwS for in-game fun and the creator of the Star Ship Crew Connector application.  


A lifelong fan of space travel, astronomy, science fiction, and the the many games that explore those subjects. I spend my days writing code and my nights exploring the universe.

Gyun Nah

He is always striving to relive the glory days of Asheron’s Call circa 1999 and Star Wars Galaxies circa 2002. He believes meral and rock music from the 1990’s is the best. He apparently has issues “living in the now.” When he does, he is a DJ on TheBaseRadio hosting a LIVE show on Sunday evenings. Tune in! He is an active member of the Black Widow Company [BWC] gaming community. He also likes to play on Twitter, so follow him.

Paladin Dietrich

Recreational pilot, amateur lover of history, and admirer of Star Citizen. When not in Star Citizen, looking for a good fight, I enjoy sharing my perspective on the game for TGWS. But mostly just a guy who wants to make the game just a tiny bit better for the best damn community I’ve ever been a part of. 


Member of Test Squadron, Proud Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous Commander, Lover of Sci-Fi & VR Games, Partnered YouTube Creator, Gaming Writer.


Tactician, Youtuber, Contributor
Also known as /u/whitesnake8 on reddit, Vin leads the tactics division of Legacy Fleet. With the support of Star Citizen community members, Vin’s team produced the Legacy Instructional Series, which covers subjects ranging from keybindings and the most basic maneuvers to complex evasive maneuvering and the boom and zoom.



Writer, Contributor
Author of the military science fiction novel Dominant Species and numerous short stories, Marksman is an avid gamer, erstwhile paintballer, extreme long-range shooter and generally mad scientist. In a frantic quest to avoid adult responsibility, his life has run through the jungles of Central America and Africa to the mountains of Afghanistan. These days he sits vigil by the window, waiting for the shadow of his much-anticipated Aegis Reclaimer “Goliath” to roll across the back yard. 

Citizen Academy

Video Contributor
Citizen Academy, produced by Garrin, is a YouTube channel devoted exclusively to Star Citizen.  Garrin has been playing computer games since the days of Space Invaders, and has been waiting most of his life for a game like Star Citizen.  He is totally addicted to the game and, by producing his videos, hopes you will become addicted as well.


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