INN believes in the concept of purpose-driven endeavors. Although this site began as a simple mechanism to share news and information about Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium Games, and the community around them, we have begun to evolve. In line with our values, our mission has grown into the following:

INN’s mission is to attract, welcome, inform, and connect members of the Star Citizen community. We do this by creating timely, accurate content about Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium Games, and the community around them, with respect and dignity for the game we all love. We may also create special programs designed specifically to enhance and improve the experience of our fellow community members. -Wolf Larsen

Examples of our changing role in the community include:

INN is a collection of individual volunteers who come together around this mission, but it also helps to share some common values. These are:

  • Having fun: This is, after all, about games and gaming. We do this because we have a passion for Star Citizen and we enjoy thinking about it, and sharing those thoughts with the community at large. INN should never feel like a job!
  • Passion: Of course, members of the INN team are passionate about Star Citizen. But we’re also passionate about INN, these values, and helping one another grow as members of the this team and the Star Citizen community at large.
  • Team work and collaboration: INN team members are here to help one another grow as part of the team, and as individuals. We enjoy sharing our expertise with one another.
  • Entrepreneurship: INN respects and values each individual’s desire to grow our capabilities and encourages our team to pursue their interests, under the banner of INN, as an open forum of creativity. We know our contributions to the INN content stream, via any channel, are what bring us success as a team.
  • Egalitarianism: INN is a collective of creative spirits, seeking to grow in their knowledge of Star Citizen, and as creators. Though some INN team mates may take responsibility for helping us deliver our content to the community because we believe that’s important, everyone at INN is an equal, and everyone has a voice.
  • Inclusion: INN celebrates diversity among our team and the community at large. We believe gaming is better when everyone is involved, regardless of their race, religion, nationality, gender identity, or personal preferences (so long as they’re not griefers!). We seek to make our content and community a safe place for individuals to shine as gamers and contributors to the conversation around our favorite space sim: Star Citizen.