Legacy Instructional Series


First, we’ll teach you how to fly. . . .

Then, we’ll teach you how to fight. . .

Then, we’ll teach you how to be the best.


Update: The LIS Revamp has begun. Below you will find the newest videos, followed by the old set at the bottom. As always, work in progress.


LIS 0.9


The Legacy Instructional Series is a coordinated effort across the Star Citizen community, spearheaded by Legacy Fleet and in association with the Imperial News Network, to provide tutorials, encouragement, and guidance for all pilots, from aspiring to experienced. Think of it not as a school but more as an information sharing association for pilots to trade tips, tricks, and techniques. The ultimate goals are:

  1. Help new players enjoy Star Citizen
  2. Encourage testing by performing #1 to make Star Citizen better
  3. Showcase the potential for depth of play to non-participating backers and non-backers alike

Below, you’ll find the initial entries for the LIS Revamp. Older materials are largely still relevant and can be found at the bottom.

LESSONS are introductory traditional (classroom) style videos that discuss flight concepts within Star Citizen.

DEMONSTRATIONS are in-game videos that apply concepts to practical application. You are encouraged to reproduce demonstrations on your own. Demonstrations have specific parameters; their main objective is to give you a “feel for flight”, not to provide maneuvers for direct application in combat.

EXERCISES allow you to test yourself. These do not have specific parameters; instead you will have a goals to achieve, like in a game. How you achieve those goals is up to you.

PRINCIPLES OF OPERATION videos go in-depth on certain subjects, providing historical context and practical application.

All content types are clearly labeled in their title. If you are just dipping your toes into the LIS, we recommend actually starting with exercises to see how you fare. If those don’t go well, try the concept lessons and demonstrations, then practice, practice, practice. Feel free to send us videos if you have questions or want feedback – having someone who is able to watch and critique your progress will accelerate your development as a pilot.

If you are brand new to Star Citizen, here’s a fun introduction to the basics of your ship by Nimrod_77: Principles of Operation – Cockpit Familiarization.


Exercises and Demos Only (Start practicing right away)

DISCLAIMER: Remember, these are intended to be used to learn how to fly and maneuver, not to apply as a cookie cutter movement in combat. Performing a perfect barrel roll, for instance, isn’t always going to be the “I win” button. Experienced pilots learn to combine multiple maneuvers together, changing tactics every few seconds based on the situation at hand, and even using what they’ve learned practicing to fly creatively.


All course materials



LIS 0.8

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“Your videos have helped me so much. Those videos are the only reason I actually enjoy the dog fighting in this game now. Learning how to fight without gimbal weapons has made everything so much better.”


“I had all but given up on Arena Commander because of Tempest II spamming gladiator pilots seeming unbeatable. After watching the LIS guide on CS missile evasion and practising with a friend in free flight, I managed to dodge a gladiator’s whole payload and dogfight him to a win. Putting a sawbuck round through his windshield was my most satisfying AC moment to date.” -@Carrington


“Definitely recommend any new players to watch these before stepping into spectrum matches.”


“I had asked you last week about joystick curves, I thought I’d give you a quick follow-up. You’re advice was spot on. I changed my binding layout for my dual joysticks and have now gotten to the point that I actually aim more consistently with my stick than I do with gimbals and mouse. I have been following your LIS videos as they come up and watching them all and trying to take as much from them.

Did a SP Vanduul run today that while taking a hell of a lot longer than it would for an Ace, I felt completely in control the entire time (even with AI team mates that like to die when not even taking fire). I recorded some of it to watch through later and a lot of the ideas I’ve picked up from your LIS are starting to come together for me; once multiplayer becomes more stable I think I’ll be ready to start trying my hand against real players.

Thanks for all your work, and even more so for sharing it with players outside of your org. I hope you guys are keeping some tricks in house.” -@motrin-qx


“You probably get a ton of inbox after you put out those instructional flight videos, but i just wanted to thank you for showing beginners the ropes and I found your videos extremely helpful.” -@Knife-Edge


“Great vids! I am going to work through all of them.  Not sure what the etiquette is about posting on your thread, don’t want to go all fanboy on the forum if you want to keep it on point. I am still trying to make sense of the “Rix Roll”. . . I appreciate the work you and the podcasters put into helping the community.” -@JVortex