For more ways to get INN content on your Enjin org site, visit the INN and Enjin page.

Thanks to Magellanic for assembling these instructions for pulling the INN RSS Feed into an Enjin Org site!

Enjin allows you to customize your website through the use of drop-in modules. When you go into the administration for a page you are able to drop in “containers” which can contain modules.

Enjin Screenshot

To create a new instance of a module you select “Modules” from the drop-down menu.


There are a wealth of module types to choose from. To add an RSS feed to the site you would select and create a new instance of the “RSS Feed” module.


With your new RSS Feed module instance created you then edit it to fill in the correct RSS parameters.


Once you’ve saved the changes you would then return to the page editor where you would create a new container in the location of your choice. You then add the RSS Feed module to that container.


And, more or less just like that, you have a shiny new RSS feed filled with INN news content :)