Enjin BadgeINN is proud to be an exclusive Enjin content partner! Enjin is gearing up to be the best website host for all Star Citizen organizations. They’re incredibly excited for the game, and can’t wait to get started building Star Citizen modules, features and more awesome website themes building up to release. When Kris Enjin contacted us about helping Star Citizen organizations get INN content in their org site, it was an easy decision!

In the past, the Star Citizen organization Magellanic created a recipe for INN fans who use Enjin to get our news feed in their organization sites. Now, with this new partnership, Enjin users have more, easier ways to get INN content, including:

  • Having the INN RSS feed added to Enjin’s “Recommend feeds” list within our RSS Module on ALL Star Citizen Enjin websites.
  • Having the INN website url added to our “Quick Links” module for ALL Star Citizen websites

Adding INN to your Enjin Site

It’s super easy to add the INN feed to your Enjin organization site by selecting Imperial News Network from the RSS Feed Settings Recommended feeds drop down selector. See below:

If you would like to learn more about creating your Star Citizen organization website with Enjin, check out the handy video below: