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INN is always on the lookout for more enthusiastic Star Citizens to join our little corner of the community. If you have a passion for Star Citizen and would like to contribute to the conversation about it, or anything related, then we’d definitely like to hear from you. This might mean contributing to INN’s content, becoming a trailblazer, or sponsoring a spaceman. Or, if you have an idea about how to contribute something to the community let us know! We’d love to support your vision for a better ‘Verse.

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INN has a simple mission:

INN’s mission is to attract, welcome, inform, and connect members of the Star Citizen community. We do this by creating timely, accurate content about Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium Games, and the community around them, with respect and dignity for the game we all love. We may also create special programs designed specifically to enhance and improve the experience of our fellow community members.


In exchange for the participation of our team members, INN offers experience, access to our considerable audience, relationships, references, and resume material. If your dream is to be a writer we can help. If your dream is to give something back to the Star Citizen community we can provide the platform. If your dream is to be part of the best organization in the Star Citizen ‘verse…Welcome home!

More than a job…

While we find creating content about Star Citizen to be pretty rewarding, we get a whole lot more out of this team. Members of INN have become good friends and we are almost always talking about the game we love, or supporting one another as we create content, or play Arena Commander. We’re hosting a 24/7 conversation about INN, Star Citizen and the community on Skype and Teamspeak with team members and friends around the world.

Speaking of the team, one thing we are incredibly proud of is the outstanding group of individuals we’ve managed to bring together on INN. Members of this organization are some of the kindest, most knowledgeable, most creative, and hardest working I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Nehkara is one of the most respected and cared about members of the SC Subreddit, and Erris and Props write Star Citizen fiction that Chris Roberts himself reads.

Learn more about being a contributing member of the INN team.

What next?

If you are interested in joining the team, you might be wondering, what can I do at INN? The answer is deceptively simple: Whatever you want. So long as your content is about Star Citizen and it meets reasonable standards of creativity and alignment with our brand, we’d like to give it a home.

The first step is to get you added to the INN contributors conversation on Skype so you can get to know the rest of the team. From there, you are welcome to contribute at any level you like. Writing, social networking, and participating on the podcast are all areas we’d be thrilled to see you participate in, but the choice will always be yours and there is no minimum requirement.

So if you’re still interested, contact us now! We can’t wait to hear from you.

I don’t want to cover Star Citizen, but I do think it’s important…

If being a Star Citizen newsie isn’t quite your idea of a good time, but you enjoy our content and would like to participate as an INN supporter, please check out our support page for options on how to provide financial backing!