Engagement Diagram

There are many ways to get involved at INN while contributing to our success as a team. At the highest level, each member of INN is some combination of a creator, a producer, and an amplifier. While some team members may focus on one area more than the others, everyone has the opportunity to work on whatever they like and every project opens up new opportunities to develop experience in areas you find interesting.

That said, let’s explore the three primary INN roles in greater detail…


Some of the most well known members of the INN team spend the majority of their time creating original content, news, analysis, and perspectives on Star Citizen, CIG, and the community around them. There are 4 primary channels for INN content:

  • ImperialNews.Network (website)
  • INNSide the ‘Verse (Podcast)
  • INN Live (Twitch)
  • INN Video (Youtube)

INN affiliated content creators also sometimes publish through their own independent channels, but they always publish on INN as well. Whether you prefer to create and edit video, write articles and analysis, or participate in one of our original shows, if you like to generating Star Citizen content, INN is the place for you.

Creating may be the most exciting role with the INN team, but it’s also the most difficult. INN content creators always come to the team with highly developed skills in their area of expertise. They also work incredibly hard to ensure INN content is updated on a regular basis.


If a piece of Star Citizen content is written in the woods and nobody is around to read it, does it really exist? One thing’s for sure, we at INN don’t want to find out. That’s why we have a crack team of amplifiers focused on ensuring our work gets in front of everyone in the ‘Verse! INN amplifiers are highly connected, always online, and participating in the Star Citizen conversation on:

  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • G+
  • Tumblr
  • And more!

If you want to promote your teammate’s content when it’s published or simply participate in the conversation via various social platforms, the INN amplification team might be for you.


Keeping a machine like INN running smoothly requires a professional level of organization, coordination, and delegation. Enter the producers! Just as important as their counterparts in creation and amplification, the INN production team keeps the trains running on time by managing the scope, schedule, and resourcing of everything we do.

Special Projects

In addition to the three primary roles at INN, there are a number of special projects it’s possible to contribute to. Recruiting, contests, and building partnerships with other organizations are just a few examples of the work we all collaborate on, in addition to creating and promoting content.