The roots of our team 

Constellation AquilaNehkara and Wolf Larsen were having a chat one night, when Nehkara said, “Hey Wolf, wouldn’t it be cool if there was one place you could go to find all the best content about the Star Citizen Universe?

Why yes, yes it would, Nehkara,” Wolf replied.

And with that, Imperial News Network was born. A place where our team will create, curate, and aggregate the best Star Citizen content – whether it’s research, images, video, or anything else, so long as it’s related to the Star Citizen Universe.

That was the beginning of the first chapter for INN. Entering our third full year of operation, the second chapter is only just beginning with some fresh new contributors, a few of the original team, and a whole lot of ambition to continue being the premier source of content about Cloud Imperium Games, their products, and the community of stakeholders around them.

In this next chapter, the team is dreaming of expanding their library to include more, high-quality Star Citizen fiction, a deeper focus on the community, and expansion to cover other space-based science fiction games.

RSI Constellation AquilaOf course, we’ll continue to share our own thoughts and original work, such as Marksman’s Brimstone or Wolf Larsen’s Space-Ops Strategy articles.

Along the way, we’ll be looking to add more Star Citizen content creators, so if you’ve got something you’d like to share, please let us know. If it’s up to standards, we’d love to give your content a home!

Each member of the Imperial News Network team is a dedicated, passionate volunteer who has one goal in mind: Providing you and the rest of the Star Citizen community with one place where you can go for news, in-depth analysis, fan-fiction, special projects and more.

Our mission is to bring the ‘verse to life by creating, curating, aggregating, and publishing timely updates, quality analysis, and the best original thinking on Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium Games, and the community that has grown up around them.

We’re proud of this work and we do it without pay, but if you’d like to donate to Imperial News Network to cover some of our costs, please check out our Support page for more information.