Jan 15

Experimental Squad Tournament

INN is proud to announce that The Star Citizen Competitive Combat Club will be hosting another squad-based tournament — The Experimental Squad Tournament — starting Saturday, January 21 at 18:00 UTC/ 13:00 EST.

Check out the Tournament Bracket.

Experimental Squad Tournament

This is not the Combat Club’s first tournament. The organizer(s) have learned from past experiences. For each event, they strive to bring a fun and challenging experience to players. The same goes for this endeavor. A few rule changes have been put in place to make this tournament a little more interesting. The ‘ship budget’ idea and the ‘no missiles’ rule are especially noteworthy. For this upcoming tournament, the rules are:

  • It will be a double-elimination tournament.
  • There will be a maximum of FOUR players(pilots) per squad.
  • Matches will occur in FREE FLIGHT mode on Dying Star.
  • Matches will be round-based. No re-spawns until round is over.
  • The squad with at least ONE pilot alive wins the round.
  • Best of 5 rounds (maybe 7) within a match.
  • No Missiles.
  • Ship Budget.

Ship Budget

As a pilot, picking your ship and load out is always an important factor, but now the impact level of that choice for your squad has been increased.

Each squad will have a total ship budget of 50 points to apply to their 4 ships.

Every tournament eligible ship has a usage cost displayed in points. These points, cumulative among the 4 players on a squad, must total 50 or below. *Current ships/points:

  • Vanguard = 25
  • F7C-M = 16
  • Glaive = 15
  • Sabre = 14
  • Cutlass, Hornets = 12
  • 350r = 10
  • Gladius, M50, Kartu-al, 325a =  9
  • 85x, Delta = 8
  • 300i, Gamme/Omega = 7
  • Avenger, Mustang A/B = 6
  • Merlin = 5
  • Aurora LN = 4

Example #1: Sabre (14), Sabre (14), Cutlass (12), Gladius (9) = 49/50 points.
Example #2: Vanguard (25), Hornets (12), Avenger (6), 300i(7) = 50/50 points.
Example #3: Super Hornet (16), Sabre (14), Avenger (6), Aurora LN (4) = 50/50 points.

*NOTE: The points and ships listed are subject to change before the start of the tournament.

Sign Up

All organizing efforts are taking place on the Combat Club’s DISCORD site.

To register, Team Leaders will need to put their Team Name and Team Member Names into the #Teams channel on Discord. Individuals interested in joining the tournament, who are not Team Leaders (yet), will need to send a private message on Discord to [RS]Malogos.

Want to help this event be a success? Are you interested in participating, but do not want to be on a competitive team? Consider being an Event Administrator to help the Combat Club organize, moderate, coordinate, commentate, stream and/or promote the Experimental Squad Tournament. Send a private message on Discord to [RS]Malogos to see how you can help.

Be sure to check all #Text Channels for up to date information especially the #Announcements channel. As more information on the tournament is released, this article will be updated.

The Experimental Squad Tournament will start on Saturday, January 21 at 18:00 UTC/ 13:00 EST.

Check out the Tournament Bracket.


The Star Citizen Competitive Combat Club is an organized effort by Star Citizen backers and organizations to promote friendly, fun eSports-style competition within Star Citizen’s Arena Commander and now Star Marine modules. Ask how you can help.

See you in the ‘Verse!

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