Dec 11

The way Galactic Tour was meant to be watched

Galactic Tour

Check out The Galactic Tour, the way it was meant to be watched, edited by INN friend and fellow Star Citizen community member Galadriel Pope , of the Republic of Lorell.

In this version, Galadriel edited each segment of Galactic Tour from the 2016 Anniversary Live Stream into a single program. Then she merged it together with all of the relevant ship commercials CIG has produced over the last few years to create a single, cohesive 30-minute television show.

Galactic Tour has widely been touted as one of the best aspects of the Anniversary Sale this week. According to the participants of RtV 3.15, it was actually pulled together on very short order, using older motion capture gear.

Take a look at Galactic Tour the way it was meant to be watched, and let us know what you think in the comments!

I covered the idea to create the concept of the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo for the Anniversary Sale in a previous post. I really love that they decided to be a little more creative and play on the excitement of shipophiles™ like myself by throwing a nod to the brand new Amazon Original Series, The Grand Tour. This idea may come as no surprise to long-term fans who remember the likeness of Jeremy Clarkson pitching Star Citizen racing ships in a digital version of Top Gear a while back.

Galactic Gear is a pitch perfect Top Gear sendup from the future. -Chris Bruce //Autoblog

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