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Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 63

Hello fellow Citizens!  Welcome to INN’s notes for Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 63!

Reverse the ‘Verse

Notes by Erris and Myself

– Soon tm

– The epic intro music has begun!

– And we are…. live!

– I see Disco Lando, and… no-one else yet. Slow start. James has just walked in.


– I see Alexis, and Justin Chambers as well.

– Ben will join later, he’s in a meeting right now.

– Week in Review!

– James: James hung out this week. Put up posts, doing a sideproject – looking at feedback for the Cutlass. Put up a thread Tuesday, he’s collecting the info on that soon.

– Should be a response to Cutlass questions / concerns next week.

– Also FPS post will go up later, and there’s an Avenger Free-Fly starting.

– Take a look through SC’s lore – there’s a ‘Malloy’ family that are… people.

– They’re getting pokemon hats out now.

– Toast has arrived too.

– and Dennis

– Alexis: This week Alexis has been working on CS tickets! And that’s it!

– They’re in the early stages of getting ready to fill the ‘create a pirate’ perk soon.

– Working on the Concierge Citizen Card. More info on that soon.

– Dennis fixed computers this week. And upgraded Ben to Win 10. Only two active systems are on Win 10 right now, the rest are all ‘test’ machines.

– Justin edited AtV this week. and Meet the Devs. And Which Glitch got brought back.

– Justin’s editing 10 for the Chairman right now.

– Toast did stuff he can’t really talk about right now. They’re doing lots of contracting and stuff. Dev partments (Turbulent and illfonic). Not part of the company, but they’re dev partners.

– Alyssa’s here now too.

– Alyssa also helped answer CS tickets. She’s working on updated JIRA tickets for artwork for CitizenCon. And there’s more, but she can’t say.

– Following up with hardware and business partners to make sure things are moving.

– Lots of secret stuff going on.

– The new building will have a better studio for Reverse the ‘Verse

– Announcements! One of the artists in Austin – Billy Lord – is in a contest right now. He did a 3D rendering of little krampus.

– I can’t see the link of where to find it sadly. But I think they want us to go vote for him.

– Belated Happy Birthday to Thomas Hennessy! Yesterday was his birthday.

– Announcement! Next Saturday – the 26th – they will be hosting a 25th anniversary livestream for the Wing Commander game. They’ll be doing a ‘lets play’. Ben will be at the controls. Watch that next Saturday, starting at noon CIG time.

– They’ll try to put in places for people to donate to Extra Life.

– Also Ben has arrived.

– Apparently Chris will sometimes ask Ben questions about Wing Commander.

– Announcement! – Next week, on Wednesday, at 11am, there’s a special edition RtV – subscriber only questions, Chris Roberts will join for the broadcast.

– Questions will be exclusively from the Subscriber-only chat channel on RSI.

– INN will liveblog that, as per usual : )

– Ben missed the intro cause there was an interview.

– Ben ‘make questions now!’

– Paris Games week? – Won’t make it out. They wanted to, but development prevents it.

– They will probably do a free-fly of some sort, but they can’t guarantee anything right now.

– There are many positions available on the CIG site.

– Ben never applied. He just sort of showed up.

– There have been discussions about giving something special to everyone who’s backed before 1 million Citizens.

– Toast is doing work in the background.

– Dr. Who starts tomorrow!

– [Ships status thread update?] It’s due for one anytime. James will chase that down next week.

– They’re looking to do ‘special’ RtV’s for subscribers every month. They won’t limit the existing RtV, it’ll just be a special one once a month.

– [What has James watched?] Mostly TV. He watched Black Mass yesterday.

– [Reason to hype over the next 2 weeks?] Ben can’t. He hates over-promising. They’re working on the Endeavour, hopefully in a week or two, no guarantees. Citizen Con is going to be fantastic, get hyped for that. Working on 1.2.1 patch. Maybe PTU end of next week, no guarantee.

– Status quo until CitizenCon, then hopefully some really cool stuff.

– Sale dates don’t dictate when things go on sale. They go up when they’re ready.

– FPS report later today. The report will go out later, like it has every Friday.

– FPS report will be minor probably. Folks all over are working on the after-shock of the merge, which is taking a bit longer than they’d hoped. They’ll put together a segment on AtV so that we can see what that means.

– Intention is to live-stream CitizenCon.

– If you’re asking when something’s coming, they can’t say.

– Everyone wants a new episode of Game Commander, but there has to be something interesting to do it about. Apparently Chris has an idea for a second episode though.

– [Will the 890 jump be sold again?] No plans right now. Might someday, but it’s not on the near-term forecast.

– Clifford aka Miku sent another fruit basket

– Amazon in Santa Monica started Amazon Now, which delivers items within an hour. Ben ordered some ‘after dinner lego’ last night.

– [Community hub open to all backers?] It should be. Community Hub and Issue Council are both available to all.

– If you’re a backer and you don’t have access, let them know. unless you were banned from the forums, in which case, they know. And that’s that. If you’re banned, you’re banned. Be nice.

– [Next flyable ship?] Looking at multicrew stuff coming in next. Connie, Tali, possibly a Cutlass update. The Herald’ll be the next single-seater. Connie and Tali probably next though. But can’t say when or why or how or to what degree.

– [Plans on making something other than staff picks the front page of the Community Hub?] 1.1 is in development. 1.2 and 1.3 are in the works, they have plans for ‘alternate viewing modes’

– Matt Sherman has appeared.

– [Info on patch 1.3?] 1.3 is the multicrew explosion. Large-world map, multicrew testbed, etc… or it might be FPS… they have a lot coming.

– No date or specifics for that though, but they’re hard at work on it.

– No news on the Endeavour. Ben’s waiting for pod art right now

– [Current fugutive status of Pirate Wong?] He’s been quiet. And hopefully never returns. There were some issues last year when shipping Connie models for the first time. They were all intercepted by someone named ‘Wong’.

– [Ship status into Community Hub?] No. Community hub is about fans, not RSI.

– There won’t be episodes of AtV or FPS status etc… in the community hub. It’s about the fans.

– Early on, CIG used to spend most of the time on Wingman’s Hangar sharing community videos. They wanted the Community Hub to basically do that.

– Ben can say nothing about the Esperia Prowler. It has a concept artist assigned, but that artist is building variants for another ship right now.

– Alyssa was sent to ask about how-to videos and tutorials. But no-one knows what she’s talking about. But seriously. CIG wants your Star Citizen how-to videos… how to do anything related to Star Citizen. Post them on the Hub! They might feature some of them and there could be ships to win.

– Lando has been dared to dye his hair the same colour as Alyssa’s hair.

– Lando has said he’ll come in with blue hair for the Saturday Wing Commander 25th Anniversary stream.

– [Plans for PAX Aus?] Not this year. Focusing on the game more. Going to do more livestreams instead.

– They’ll still do Gamescom, DragonCon, but not PAX.

– [AC expand to additional training mechanics like mining and ewar?] There’s some confusion about this. AC will continue, and multicrew will get added as time goes on (AC 2.0), but they’re creating what Chris referred to as the baby PU. Tony is calling it the Exoverse. Big chunk of space to prototype stuff in. That’s what we’ll see in the multicrew launch.

– Big map, persistent, that’s where stuff’ll get added. Mining’ll get added in there, etc… to not interrupt Arena Commander, which is a specific game inside Star Citizen.

– Won’t tell what to expect at CitizenCon, because it’ll be a surprise. Expect Chris Roberts, a powerpoint, and some stuff interrupting that. And there’ll be a concord.

– Disco will not be at CitizenCon. Mostly the Manchester folks who will run CitizenCon. And they already live there, and don’t have to fly around the world in a tiny metal tube. Fiscally Responsible!

– [Pirate Swarm?] Still in the works. They sat down with people who did the fan-based one.

– [How’s it feel to work at CIG and not be able to share the cool things you see?] The immediate reaction is ‘omg can’t wait to show people’ which is why Ben does things like ask CR if they can show off the Endeavour early at DragonCon. And they show tons of stuff.

– Sneak Peek used to be the only place in AtV to see stuff, now stuff is shown everywhere in AtV. Have to watch them to get stuff. Or wait for INN’s transcript. Disco mentions that INN sometimes messes things up. [This is true, it happens. But our transcribers do an amazing job regardless. :D]

– Ben and Sandi had some inappropriate comments that didn’t make it into this weeks AtV.

– [Mustang Delta have working shields by 2.0?] Hopefully. Should have working shields by the next patch, but it can be hard to predict. Workingness of the shields is not connected to 2.0.

– [Who does writing on AtV?] AtV has a script. They start with an outline, with basic lines that they ad-lib over. Sandi and Ben mostly make stuff up as they go.

– Ben attends the ‘weekly leads’ meeting on Mondays, to get an idea for what’s happening in the week, and he distills that into the news for the Intro and Outro. James does the outline.

– Puns and singing is spur of the moment.

– [Holotable update?] It still sucks. The improvement is coming. They know it sucks, and while they’d love to fix it, lets wait till they know everything that needs to go in before they build a new one.

– For Wednesdays Reverse the Chairman, the questions will be answered from the RSI Subscriber channel. Everyone can watch, but questions will be only from the Subscriber chat channel.

– Subscribers make all this possible, so they deserve a reward or three.

– [Fan commercial submission competition on the hub?] Yeah, that’d be cool.

– They’ll get the first contest they have lined up done first. They’ll look into that.

– [Will all seats in a bar be interactive to sit on?] Yeah? Why not?

– Disco has already seen plans to revisions for all the buildings in ArcCorp, cause they’re not good enough.

– Lisa just showed up

– [Hub contests called Hub-ubs?] Yes. Or a hubububloo.

– Season 2 of The Next Great Starship would be closer to or even after launch.

– The new image of the Ursa Rover that was on 10 for the Chairman a few weeks ago was something that David Hobbins just randomly put into Shotgun.  He just felt like doing it.  He doesn’t even work there anymore. [David Hobbins still does contract work for them on occasion though.]

– [HUD updates to the ships?] Zane is over in the UK. He was promoted from UI artist, he’s a UI Director now (much deserved). They’ve done some style updates on stuff in the UK for the ships, and now he’s on vacation.

– When he gets back (in a week or so) there’ll be more timelines on HUD stuff.

– Zane will be working in the UK for awhile.  They will miss him a lot while he’s gone.

– Zane is more complicated to clone than they thought.

– Lisa only drinks two cups of coffee or so a day.

– [Progress on getting rid of CryEngine’s ‘Use’ icon?] It’s baked into the core of CryEngine. They’re working on replacing it. It’s ongoing. They have some of the best CryEngine experts.

– [Plans to re-release the original patches as physical items?] Yes. They’re doing a patch set. They’ll have some stuff for Cit Con. SQ42 patch, Star Citizen, and RSI, and a special one for Subscribers. The ICC Stellar Surveyors patch.

– Subscribers are now members of the ICC Surveyors thingy. It’s being worked into the lore.

– They won’t be for sale at Cit Con, but on the website. Stuff’ll go along with Cit Con.

– [Ship Updates?] Nothing fancy new. Still working on same ships. LA is working on Herald, Reliant, and Connie. They are going to redirect resources for a week or two to help with a milestone for the Connie. Lots being done to globalize, make sure pipelines are all the same.

– [Gourmet coffee machine flair?] Maybe? Next series is being talked about.

– There’ll be a thread in the Subscribers den for ideas for flairs

– Let Alexis start the thread.

– James will be on The Base tonight ,(as will Erris) at 5:30 CIG time.

– Updates on Ship Shape are based on what people are working on.

– [Room System?] Doesn’t matter. There’s a whole world now. Room System is no longer a thing. Forget you ever heard the term.

– The system is done. They can add things whenever they want. It’s not a ‘room’ system that’s coming anymore. Hangar add-ons still coming.

– Ship Shape will definitely have updates specific to MultiCrew when that comes out.

– [Damage states for older ships like Aurora?] There are other priorities before the end of the year, but it’s being discussed about when it’ll get fit into the schedule. Probably first half of next year, and it could change.

– And that brings RtV to a close.

– Come back Wednesday at 11am CIG time for the special RtV episode featuring Chris Roberts and questions from Subscribers!

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