Feb 18

Sandi’s Facebook – First look inside my renovated Cutlass…

Were you hoping the Cutlass would get a facelift? ‘Cause if so, then we’ve got some awesome news for you!

When the Cloud Imperium Games first unveiled the Cutlass variants, a number of Backers expressed dissatisfaction with how the Cutlasses had been handled. Common complaints included the super cramped holding cells on the Cutlass Blue, the lack of functioning turrets in the Cutlass as a whole, some clipping and geometry issues with the Cutlass hull, a lack of clear distinction between the innate capabilities of the Cutlass variants (especially with the price difference between the Cutlass Blue and the other Cutlasses), etc.

As such, CIG responded by saying that the Cutlass would be given to Foundry 42, a renowned Star Citizen studio located in Manchester, United Kingdom, for renovation. Many expressed hope at this, as it seems that whatever F42 touches turns to gold (metaphorically). After that, work on the Cutlass progressed with little information on it’s progress… until today, that is!

In a new sneak peak from Sandi’s Facebook, we get to see a gorgeous shot of the entrance to the Cutlass’ cockpit. On top of featuring a bit more texture detail, it seems the Cutlass has been shown a lot of love in terms of assets and layout design. With a mini armory lining the narrow corridor, the Cutlass now looks a lot more fearsome and capable than it used to be, which should make pirates everywhere squeal with glee.

But knowing Foundry 42, that’s just the beginning! Personally, I can’t wait to see how beautiful my Cutlass looks when the update model is released to the Hangar – and from the state of this picture, I’m guessing that date isn’t very far away!

Source: Sandi’s Facebook

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  1. Mydian

    I may have to unmelt my Blue if it looks this good when finished. But it also makes me wonder why CIG central can’t seem to find talent like Manchester?

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