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Sandi’s Facebook – The Dominator missile! Have a favorite direction?

“Get to the Dominata!”

I recently saw someone post a picture of Star Citizen on low graphics… and it still looked incredible. And this is the reason why.

Many games would be content with making generic missiles in both appearance and function, but not Star Citizen. As seen in this phenomenal picture, not only do the missiles have unique shapes/silhouettes and distinct features, but they also apparently have animations.

In all three varieties seen in the picture, wings appear to pop out once the missile is launched, potentially helping guide it to the target. And knowing how visceral and high in fidelity Star Citizen is, you can probably safely bet that each missile has pros and cons related to its design, and that each variant has different official and game-effecting weights, as well as (possibly slightly) different tracking signatures.

This kind of realism is what’s gonna breathe life into the Squadron 42 Campaign and the Persistent Universe – and it’s one of the reasons I continue to get even more hyped about the BDSSE with every new revelation that CIG unleashes.

In the meanwhile, please feel free to click the image below if you would like to vote on which missile design is your favorite! (Personally, I’m rooting for #3! It just looks so wickedly awesome, especially with that distinctive alien touch to it!)

Source: Sandi’s Facebook

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