Jan 29

Sandi’s Facebook – Which sim pod do you like best?

Um, can I choose all of them??

In all seriousness though, all three of the pods are epic, and this just makes me even more appreciative of the awesome and hard work that CIG does.

Everything they make is completely bathed in love – I don’t think it’s possible for them to be halfhearted about anything! Such dedication is unheard of in the world of video game development, which is why I have so much faith in this game.

Because if  something so apparently minor as the appearance of a simulation pod is given such intense care and attention, then I can’t imagine how amazing things like black holes, cosmic storms, solar flares, and the like will look!

So what do you think? Is there one of the pods that stands out most to you? Or would you love to see all of them in-game, possibly as variants?

Source: Sandi’s Facebook

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