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Combined Arms Community Spotlight: Terallian’s Combined Arms - After watching Part 1 of Combined Arms, I knew I wanted to learn more about the production, the creator, and his overall vision for the series. In case you haven’t seen it yet, here it is! Then check out the interview and a couple of bonus videos at the end. For our readers who may […]
Drake Herald Fly By INN Video: Port Olisar Fly By - One more of the little videos I made while checking out Director Mode a couple weeks back. This time I played around with the idea of an unauthorized fly by on Port Olisar with everyone’s favorite drag racer: The Drake Herald. Director Mode turned out to be so much fun I couldn’t help but dust […]
The Loneliest Pirate INN Video: The Loneliest Pirate - I had so much fun playing with Director Mode today that I felt inspired to dust off the old editing software. Since I was flying it all day I just had to create a Drake Caterpillar ‘Pirate Edition’ feature. The music is called ‘My My’ by Gerry Leonard. Although not a household name for his […]

Community Spotlight: Star Citizen Explorers Trailer - I was doing some research for another INN piece today when I came across this gorgeous new trailer dedicated to all the Explorers out there. Take a look and then head over to CookedOak’s head over to his Youtube Page and give him a subscribe. This is his second Star Citizen trailer and the progression […]
Star Marine Community Spotlight: Star Marine Fan Trailer - Well, we’re officially off the clock today at INN but the community doesn’t take a break and neither should we! Especially when something this awesome comes out. Take a look at the new Star Marine fan trailer created by Benjamin N and then head over to his Youtube Page and give him a subscribe. I […]
Galactic Tour The way Galactic Tour was meant to be watched - Check out The Galactic Tour, the way it was meant to be watched, edited by INN friend and fellow Star Citizen community member Galadriel Pope

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